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About Me

I enjoy many kinds of programming and development, with an interest in mobile app development. I now work as an Android Developer for Flipboard. Below is some of my past and current work.


Barber is an annotation processing Android library I wrote to reduce boilerplate when dealing with attributes in custom views. It designed similarly to Jake Wharton's Butterknife library, and he actually suggested the idea to me over Reddit when I was looking for project ideas to learn annotation processing with. It's called Barber because it helps you style your custom views, and has equally bad puns spread throughout the code.


Palette Helper

Palette Helper is a simple open source utility app I wrote to generate color palettes of images using Google's fantastic Palette library. It's mostly a for-fun pet project, and intended as such for anyone that wants to see what kind of results the library churns out for images. I opted to write it in Kotlin as well, as an exploration into the language and test its viability as a language for Android development.

I also opted to try a couple of alternative services for it, namely the fantastic Bugsnag crash/error monitoring service. It's been a pleasure to use so far, and I would highly recommend them.


Gfy Mirror Bot

A Reddit bot I made for the /r/soccer subreddit to mirror gifs/gfycats/vines to multiple services in different file formats. Beyond the inherent usefulness in using modern filetypes over .gifs, this also offers users multiple options (which can really come in handy depending on your platform). Another good use is mirroring in case anything goes wrong with the original post.

This bot is written in Python, and runs on Heroku with a scheduler.


UTCS Android App

An app + backend cgi service that I developed for a CS 370 credit for the department. The backend service was developed partially in collaboration with another student, whom worked on the iOS analogue. The app provides useful utilities and information for students, and the goal was to hopefully bridge the gap between the department and student body while paving the way for future large scale collaborations for course credit. The app and backend are closed source, but a Play Store link is provided below.


Facebook Mod Bot

A Facebook bot I wrote to moderate a group that I admin. Written in Python using facebook-sdk (a Python wrapper for Facebook's Graph API). Has since been cut down a bit due to Facebook repeatedly taking down the placeholder account we'd create for it.

This bot is written in Python, and runs on Heroku with a scheduler.


SpursGifs X-Poster Bot

A Reddit bot I made to x-post any gif, vine, and gfycat links from /r/coys over to /r/SpursGifs. Done in Python and using Praw (a python wrapper for Reddit's API). Did it mainly for fun while sitting bored in a hotel room. Runs every 10 minutes via scheduler on Heroku.

This bot is written in Python, and runs on Heroku with a scheduler.


Facebook Group Analytics

This originally started as a script (see the "Tidbits" section below), but has now turned into a full repo doing miscellaneous analytics on a given Facebook group.



This was my first major venture into Android app development. I figured it'd be a good start, due to its simplicity, while being good practice for a multitude of concepts. It's admittedly an unorganized jumble of code at the moment, as it was more of an organically grown project. No longer developing it due to time constraints and the release of a much nicer app in the Play Store :P


World Crises DB

This was our major project for the Fall 2013 Software Engineering course, under Dr. Glenn Downing. The repository itself is private and closed-source, but essentially it was a project in full stack. We had a group of 6, and built a full database-backed website powered by Django and hosted on Heroku. I worked mainly on the API layer and tests for it, as well as the unique API call we made in the form of a game.

To access the API, you can use a number of different requests. Below are a few basic call types:

# Get list of crises

# Get info for a particular crisis

# Works for "organizations" and "people" as well



This is the Android app I worked on in a group project for my Fall 2013 Mobile Computing course, under Professor Mike Scott. The basic premise of the app is to offer support for using the camera LED light as a 3rd option for broadcasting notifications (on top of vibration and ringtones). I also implemented an internal API that other apps could access to use our service, with built-in access control for the user. A sample of our API is included below Update: Due to time constraints and the ready availability of other other apps in the store that offer the same functionality, I am no longer working on this.



This is an app that I am currently developing with several other classmates on behalf of the SUREwalk student org. on campus. SUREwalk is a service offered by student government, where a student can call at late hours of the night and they will send two escorts to walk with them to wherever they are going. There are 3 components to the app: webapp, iOS app, and Android app, with our backend powered by Parse. I collaborated on the Android app portion of it with Guy Hawkins (@GHawk1ns), Chris Roberts (@nasageek), and Sam Thompson (@st028). Unfortunately this project never launched, but it was a ton of fun and we all learned a lot!



Here are some miscellaneous bits of code that I'll post in the form of gists.

  • (Python) Facebook likes counter. This little script gets the top users in a group ranked by likes. Uses a python wrapper for Facebook's Graph API. Since been migrated to an analytics repo.
  • (How-to) Reddit Bot Heroku on Crash Course. This is a write-up I did for a fellow reddit bot maker on how to get a locally running reddit bot script running automatically on Heroku using only free add-ons.